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Digital Advertising

All of our advertising screen’s network provide optimal potential of projection of your message to the audience you are attempting to reach. Our equipment are top of the line securing the fact that there are no downtimes and also to provide great HDMI resolution and unique graphic performance to match the bar that Chromo created for itself. Technology always is expending but the electronic equipment we use, easily delivers stable system-level upgrades. Chromo has always been parallel and up to speed with technology’s advancement.

Eco-friendly & Cost Effective

There’s nothing better than saving money, paper and ink on advertising your business and yet making sure the environment stays as healthy as possible. Once more Chromo brings solution to your business’ doorstep. Take advantage and advertise with our digital advertisement network.

“Missed an ad?” service

With great products, Chromo tops it off with great service! A feature we’ve added to our advertising network is what we call the “Missed an ad?” service. This feature will enable our viewers to contact our customer service for inquiries on an advertisement they’ve just missed on our advertising screens. This benefits our customers and viewers alike!


Our sleek advertising screen network has been systematically placed to target the right audience the best suited way possible. You won't need to worry about your message reaching the eyes of an audience. Chromo creates that link between the advertisement and the audience.

Target your Audience

As hard as it is and as long as the procedure may be when advertising on your own, the most important part is targeting the audience and making sure your message gets across. Nobody likes headaches and for all who are too busy, Chromo is ready to take on the job.