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Complete and tailored digital signage solutions for restaurant

Using digital signage enables restaurant owners to make rapid changes to the messages conveyed to their customers.

Affordable digital signage for everyone

Run it on any platform

In exchange, you have more control over your business and what is projected unto the digital signage with less worry and headache and this great service Chromo offers can be played on any operating systems: GoogleTV, SmartTV, any Android devices, etc.

Highly Customized

Our Digital Signage solution allows business owners to customize their digital signage/menus any fashion they desire, using pictures to videos, creating any style you would like to present your signage or menus with, you can even combine different mediums on one screens.

Add any media you wish

Customize your digital menu/signage, using any type of media such as: charts, html, swf, tv, media stream, rss and more!

Manage your screens

With Chromo's Digital Signage solution you can manage your screen by cutting your expenses and time. Feel more in control managing your business, by managing your signage/menus with the help of Chromo's helpful team.