Networking Solutions

Chromo provides prompt service at reasonable rates for your entire computer networking needs in the National Capital Region. We offer technology consulting and manageable solutions for all of your business computing needs.
Our network support services include:
  • Wi-fi Hot-Spot
  • Remote Troubleshooting & Administration
  • Firewall & Router configuration
  • Network security & data protection
  • VPN services
  • Network installation, design & consultation
  • Computer hardware & software ( servers and clients )


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Troubleshooting & Administration

Our Chromo engineers are highly trained and well equipped with the most advanced technology to Diagnose, Identify and Uproot complex problems remotely and On-Site. Our support and maintenance department provides regular off hour system maintenance including security patching, manufacture’s updates and service packs updates etc…

Firewall & Router configuration

Whether you are small or large business, Chromo engineers are ready for the challenge, from setting up Cisco, Juniper, Barracuda or SonicWall appliances to designing a resilient network architecture…Chromo is up for the challenge.


If you are a business with multiple office locations or even have one office only but your staff are working from home, then you can count on Chromo to connect you with the most advance yet affordable secure private network with high encryption & end-to-end solution.

Network installation, design & consultation

Wiring your network or connecting your computers wirelessly…at Chromo we have no difference! We provide you full and honest consultation to address your needs and requirements, we design your network architecture according to market best practices, we install everything from A to Z and we finally support your environment.

Network security & data protection

In today’s IT world, local networks are becoming a challenge for IT experts when it comes to highly secure information. Chromo has an outstanding experience in the network security and data protection world. If your company is worried about internal electronic threat, we have the solution for you by applying the Government network zoning standards including the segregation of Operation Zone (OZ), Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) & Secure Extranet Zone (SEZ).

Computer hardware & software

Chromo is partnering with many software and hardware manufacturers; we have access to whole sale prices and volume software licenses which make our prices very competitive in the market..! Our customers enjoy the discount price we earn from our providers the same way as if they are in the IT business.


We can perform key internal business functions for your small business by implementing the most current technologies which are scalable and redundant to provide you the best preparation for the future. We will take on the task of maintaining, monitoring and operating your existing IT system remotely as well as on site support.